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Few things are more important than the air we breathe, and yet so many families nationwide ignore the need for maintenance on the air ducts in their very own homes. Mold, bacteria and other contaminants can all build up over time in your home or business ventilation system, at least without proper care and cleaning.

With the help of Air Duct Cleaning Group, our leading Chicagoland and North Shore suburbs air duct cleaning company, air duct cleaning is a specialized service with prompt and professional service. Our state-of-the-art equipment and strategies are in place to deliver clean and healthy air for you and your family or business.

Quality Training for Chicagoland and North Shore suburbs Air Duct Cleaners

So what sets the team at Air Duct Cleaning Group apart from other aid duct cleaning companies in Chicagoland and North Shore suburbs? The true difference starts with a focused passion for delivering on our key business mission: cleaning air ducts and vents not as a side venture, but as our main priority and service for our customers.

This mission begins with our people first and foremost, where great investments are made in training and certifying every Air Duct Cleaning Group service professional. Our company is proud to boast the largest number of certified technicians in the tri-state area, requiring our techs to also maintain their certifications with year-round testing and courses.

Whereas some companies simply use one trained professional to claim their certifications, Air Duct Cleaning Group refuses to settle for fraudulent claims. The National Air Duct Cleaners Associations (NADCA) has recognized our excellence in service, so why leave the quality of the air your breathe to any other team?

High Standards for All Services

Since opening our doors in 2004, cutting edge equipment and tools have been a priority for Air Duct Cleaning Group in every service we offer. Operated only by highly trained professionals with up-to-date expertise, you can count on full satisfaction for every call to your home or office building.

Our team can provide sanitizing, vent cleaning and inspection for your ductwork, specializing in our services to provide better attention to detail than anyone else. Leading the industry in training, work standards and state-of-the-art equipment is only the beginning, as we lay our entire business framework into the air quality of residential and commercial buildings.

A consultation with a member of our team can help determine the best cleaning plan for your home or office, so do what’s best for your health today. For more information on our certification process for air duct cleaning in Chicagoland and North Shore suburbs, please contact the team at Air Duct Cleaning Group by calling (847) 532-2676 / (855) 621-3828!

Call us at (847) 532-2676 / (855) 621-3828 or request a FREE ESTIMATE online
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