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What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
  • Did they ever clean their system?
  • To what extent the cleaning was done?
  • Did the cleaning process include all the components necessary for 100% clean results?
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
  • Always read reviews.
  • Make sure the cleaning process is done right.
  • If the cleaning process on your house lasted one hour or less most likely you have more than 50% of dirt still inside.
What types of customers has the company worked with?
We are working in residential and commercial properties. Once, we even cleaned a doghouse that had a heating and cooling system
What is the company’s typical process for working with a new customer?

We identify the problems customer feel they have and explain step-by-step procedure of whatever we have to do to resolve the issue.

Does the company have a standard pricing system for the service?

We do have some standard pricing, although, it really depends on the specific condition that we are dealing with. For example, the customer might have two identical houses with the same amount of vents or ducts to one furnace; however, one furnace might be in the crawlspace but the second one, in an open space. Furthermore, one house used filter regularly but the second house never did, which will result in a lot more time cleaning the supply vents. These examples are only couples of issues from many other situations, therefore, there are plenty of reasons why it’s hard to determine the standard pricing. That is why we recommend getting an estimate.

Call us at (847) 532-2676 / (855) 621-3828 or request a FREE ESTIMATE online
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