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Get The Finest Air Duct Cleaning Services From Air Duct Cleaning Group

Our goal at Air Duct Cleaning Group is simple: To provide the finest air duct cleaning services available in the Chicagoland and North Shore suburbs area.
Because we see this as our mission, we offer:
  • Industry-Best Equipment: Our power-vacuum trucks, on-board air compressors and custom cleaning tools are the best that money can buy. We never skimp on equipment, because we’re committed to quality.
  • Industry-Best Training: Air Duct Cleaning Group technician staff undergoes a rigorous training process. To begin, all staff members earn Osha-10 safety certification. We take the well-being of our staff and customers very seriously. This training makes for a safe working environment for both you and our team. Certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, our staff adheres to the most recent standards, procedures and guidelines set forth by the foremost authority in the air duct cleaning industry. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of our training program is that all training stems directly from Safety King, the company owned and operated by the NADCA’s former president and the most reputable air duct cleaning company in America. Our lead technicians have been personally and meticulously trained in the field by certified Safety King staff members. Air Duct Cleaning Group is the only local company, capable of boasting these details.
  • Industry-Best Work Standards: Because of our company’s commitment to quality, Air Duct Cleaning Group technicians put in the effort required to provide thorough, exceptional service—no matter how long it takes.

Ductwork Cleaning is Our Specialty

Air Duct Cleaning Group cleans ductwork—and does nothing else. One of the difficulties encountered by other service companies is that proficiency in several, related services is required to be successful. For example, your HVAC company might offer duct cleaning as a supplemental service, rather than a focus. Because of this, ductwork cleanliness is not given the time and attention it deserves.

The Right Tools for the Job

Since our inception, Air Duct Cleaning Group has devised better ways to clean and sanitize ductwork. Cleaning equipment has improved, because it has become more obvious how filthy interior vent systems can become. For example, in an average home, the square footage of ductwork is roughly equal to the square footage of the smallest bedroom. Imagine that much space—littered with dirt, dust, pet dander, and more. Air Duct Cleaning Group tool quality, 14000CFM-power vacuum truck, and industry-leading technician training guarantees a thorough cleaning that is unmatched by competitors.

Client-Focused Service

While Air Duct Cleaning Group insists upon equipment and training excellence, the company succeeds because of it provides superior, client-focused service. This service commitment includes promptness, honesty, and authentic communication, coupled with a passion for providing total client satisfaction.

To learn more about the Air Duct Cleaning Group team or to schedule your home or business consultation, call us at (847) 532-2676 / (855) 621-3828 today—or fill out our brief contact form.

Call us at (847) 532-2676 / (855) 621-3828 or request a FREE ESTIMATE online
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